Official Announcement About TRC Magazine

In accepting this new role with WorldVenture, came a request to make a step of faith. Since 2012, the ezine I created has run with continued success, changing its overall vision from merely talking to believers to global outreach, and teaching its volunteers to use Social Media, not just for marketing, but to converse with our global readers (i.e. Digital Discipleship).


Since 2012, we’ve enjoyed the following blessings:

  • A solid group of volunteers committed to the overall vision of digital discipleship.
  • We went from 200 readers a month to 1500 to 2000 readers a month.
  • Our Facebook page is nearing 500 likes. A like is like an investment of time from a reader and more valued than reactions.
  • My intern with WorldVenture was educated by my supporters through the MII University and came back with some great ideas of global outreach and expansion.

When I accepted my new role of Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator, it came with a request to delete or transfer ownership of my two websites. As you know, Cataclysm Missions Intl was created as a pattern for WorldVenture. It is now gone. The LLC is being terminated via Incorp as we speak. But TRC Magazine was also on that list.

A step of faith and careful consideration of TRC Magazine’s future was required. But this was what God had planned all along. He had placed people in the magazine for such a time as this, and in His gentle way, He was asking me to trust Him with raising 100% funding.

No Plan B.

No foot on the other side of the fence.

Full obedience to this calling and trust that the funding will come.

Giving up TRC means giving it up forever. In obedience to His will, I have officially given ownership of TRC Magazine to my WorldVenture Intern, Ross Harris. Legally, he’ll be the owner in the first weeks of June when the website is transferred from me to him. He is also no longer my intern.

A meeting with the volunteers and Ross took place early Saturday morning via Zoom. The active portion of volunteers is 100% on board. Our wonderful editor, Laurin, an invaluable resource for grammar and punctuation, is also committed to serving under Ross. I am proud that I can be the founder of this ezine and look forward to watching what God does with it through Ross Harris.

Would you pray for him? 

Meanwhile, for me to help Worldventure, I need financial partners. Go here to learn more or to contact me.