Official Announcement About TRC Magazine

In accepting this new role with WorldVenture, came a request to make a step of faith. Since 2012, the ezine I created has run with continued success, changing its overall vision from merely talking to believers to global outreach, and teaching its volunteers to use Social Media, not just for marketing, but to converse with our global readers (i.e. Digital Discipleship).


Since 2012, we’ve enjoyed the following blessings:

  • A solid group of volunteers committed to the overall vision of digital discipleship.
  • We went from 200 readers a month to 1500 to 2000 readers a month.
  • Our Facebook page is nearing 500 likes. A like is like an investment of time from a reader and more valued than reactions.
  • My intern with WorldVenture was educated by my supporters through the MII University and came back with some great ideas of global outreach and expansion.

When I accepted my new role of Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator, it came with a request to delete or transfer ownership of my two websites. As you know, Cataclysm Missions Intl was created as a pattern for WorldVenture. It is now gone. The LLC is being terminated via Incorp as we speak. But TRC Magazine was also on that list.

A step of faith and careful consideration of TRC Magazine’s future was required. But this was what God had planned all along. He had placed people in the magazine for such a time as this, and in His gentle way, He was asking me to trust Him with raising 100% funding.

No Plan B.

No foot on the other side of the fence.

Full obedience to this calling and trust that the funding will come.

Giving up TRC means giving it up forever. In obedience to His will, I have officially given ownership of TRC Magazine to my WorldVenture Intern, Ross Harris. Legally, he’ll be the owner in the first weeks of June when the website is transferred from me to him. He is also no longer my intern.

A meeting with the volunteers and Ross took place early Saturday morning via Zoom. The active portion of volunteers is 100% on board. Our wonderful editor, Laurin, an invaluable resource for grammar and punctuation, is also committed to serving under Ross. I am proud that I can be the founder of this ezine and look forward to watching what God does with it through Ross Harris.

Would you pray for him? 

Meanwhile, for me to help Worldventure, I need financial partners. Go here to learn more or to contact me. 

TRC Magazine Publishing! #Christian

After the pie, when all the dishes are cleaned, and life returns to normal portions, my mind returns to pressing needs like TRC Magazine’s next edition. It’s the last edition of 2017. It’s been a fruitful year.

December means our Intern is coordinating the social media for TRC Magazine in honor of Advent. We’ll see devotionals and maybe some interviews. Renee, our volunteer, will compliment our intern’s social media with her art.

TRC Magazine is not an ordinary ezine. We publish stories to influence and make a difference. We also teach our volunteers and intern to engage with our readers. Our readers are global. They come from a variety of backgrounds. Not all are believers. Our vision is not to chase the stories everyone else is chasing. It’s a creative way to empower the church to serve online.

Read last edition by clicking here. 

Interested in supporting this work and other works, give a monthly donation by clicking here. 

Pray for TRC Magazine

TRC Magazine gathers online on October 28, 2017 to discuss Christmas. We aim to engage in authentic community, especially after so much tragedy.

What does this mean? Unlike other ezines, TRC Magazine’s mission is for writers to engage in meaningful online conversation with readers, and to publish stories that may not always bring in lots of website traffic, but are God’s stories. Stories we publish reflect the diversity of the biblical Christian belief. We are united from different denominations to share Christ with the world and to talk about what it means to live as a Christian. The meeting with our volunteers and intern will need your prayers as we plan our social media strategy.

People will be missing their loved ones this year, and we want to walk with them through that grief.

Pray for…

  • Volunteers and Interns not to be too busy, too flustered, or weighed down so that they are kept from serving with us.
  • Pray for our intern who, not only assists in managing the website, writes articles, and learns social media marketing as ministry, but he is a family man with a day job.
  • Pray for God’s protection on all of us as we serve online.
  • Pray for some of us to water and some of us to harvest.

TRC Magazine: Publishing September 1

TRC Magazine was created over a bowl of salsa and chips in 2012.  Since its first edition in June, 2013, TRC Magazine has grown from 200 readers to anywhere from 800 to 2,000 readers a month globally through the heart and passion of its volunteers and interns. When I became an international worker with WorldVenture in 2015, TRC Magazine became a part of a new social media movement.

TRC Magazine doesn’t operate like other magazines. We believe in reaching, not preaching—A combination of sharing Gospel stories, stories that are happening in the world, giving a voice to the voiceless, engaging our readership for deeper conversations, and exploring the arts and literature.

We are seeking to bring soul back to a soulless world, training up our volunteers and interns to understand social media, cross-cultural communication, and the human aspect of social media. We seek to lead the church body in doing social media differently and give non-believers a different viewpoint of Jesus and His people.

In giving a voice to the voiceless, TRC Magazine goes after the stories most commercial ezines don’t publish. We are not interested in big followings, but in quality communication with our readers from all over the world. Our writers represent a biblical diversity that is in the church today. We seek to point the way to the Jesus of the Bible and encourage through discipleship movements holy living through culturally and biblically diverse ways.

On September 1, we publish another edition. I am also excited to announce a new way to serve with TRC Magazine as a church on that edition.

Meet TRC Magazine’s Intern!


TRC Magazine began in 2012 over a bowl of salsa and chips. Originally, it was created to give me a publishing option while I waited for traditional publishing to accept my submissions. Little did I know that God would have better ideas.

The magazine grew thanks to the enthusiasm and passion of our volunteers, but it didn’t happen without encountering obstacles, like issues of pride, lack of responsibility, and a difference of opinion on direction. Our founding editors were a blessing to our magazine. One left because his church was growing and he had to focus on this. When you manage and lead a group of volunteers, you must understand volunteers are always temporary. Life happens and people move forward.  They are gifting you with their time. God brings them where He needs them to serve. When that is done, they move on.

Our original founding editor remains today. I am grateful for her guidance and assistance. She is not in an editor position, but now serving as part of the management team, writing when she has the time or jumping in to save the day. It has also been nice to see how WorldVenture has accepted this ezine as one of my responsibilities. The vision of TRC Magazine is changing though, and I am very excited about its future.

It is about:

  • Mentoring a new generation of writers and leaders.
  • Partnering with the church through internships via WorldVenture.
  • Becoming a voice for the voiceless and picking up stories from people who aren’t writers or stories that larger publications won’t publish.
  • Engaging our readership rather than just preaching. We are training our volunteers and interns to engage. In some ways, publishing articles online are just that–preaching. No different than showing up at church on Sunday and sitting quietly to listen. We want to be different and make a difference.
  • Working to change church culture. Sharing the Gospel doesn’t just happen in the face-to-face world. It happens in the online community all the time. If the church would embrace this, imagine how much faster we could share the Gospel worldwide?

Because of this, TRC Magazine will become an LLC. The operating agreement will be written up to include the possibility of a board. A new volunteer/intern handbook will be written to make things clearer. In the beginning of the magazine’s publication, we needed better communication. This is what I have learned since publishing in 2012:

  • Having clearly written guidelines is important. This brings less confusion.
  • Empowering writers, but not enabling them, keeps the work running smoothly. Occasionally stepping in to assist a writer does happen, but more often than not, I try to encourage independent thinking and work.
  • Keeping deadlines is important. You can tell a reliable worker from their posts on social media. Prioritizing the work you need to do and meeting deadlines are a constant challenge with writers who work day jobs, serve in ministry, and yet want to make a difference online.
  • Wording communications in ways that encourage the writer into a leader or the leader into producing great work.
  • Giving people a voice to share their story is important even if the writing is terrible and needs re-working.
  • A difference exists between blogging and article writing. This has always been a tricky line to keep.

TRC Magazine introduced internships to partner with churches worldwide to broadcast what God is doing in the world. Our first internship is working out beautifully. Meet Ross Harris here and listen to his Facebook live devotional here. Goals for him will include:

  • Social media training.
  • cross-cultural training.

Will you pray for our volunteers and interns? 

TRC Magazine Editing Frenzy


I’ve spent all weekend keeping appointments and editing TRC Magazine. It’s 8:20 p.m. on a Sunday night and I finally logged out of TRC Magazine.

This is a ministry that I started before I become a missionary with WorldVenture. I contacted a few friends in 2012 and we met in Anthem over salsa and chips to discuss the future TRC Magazine ezine. It’s 2016, and we’ve been through a few editors and writers since its inception.

Volunteers are like that. They are not paid staff, but people who are serving online from all over the world. What I offer our volunteers is access to our social media and cross-networking in exchange for their work as a writer and ministry leader. They come from all walks of life and are amazing people.

We publish another edition tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. MST. I still feel as if I forgot something even after I log out, but that’s me. I’ve spent so long on a work that finally being done is difficult to accept. I’ve been so busy getting this done that I’ve neglected this site.

Another week playing catch up again, but that’s what it means to be a missionary appointee still in support raising mode with active ministry and a full time job. I will have weeks where I am on time and weeks where I am behind, like this week. The most important thing got done though.

Meanwhile, I’ll be back to blogging this week, but not tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Volunteers Needed #Missions #Mentors #Writers

TRC Magazine:

You told her many times that you aren’t a writer. She heard your testimony many times and so have others. You can’t put two sentences together. TRC Magazine is looking for writers who will give a voice to the people God is working through that can’t write. We are looking for writers to show us all aspects of the Christian life. We are a very diverse crowd. Provided the story follows the usual statement of faith and won’t lead anyone astray, you are welcome to apply here.

Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC:

Many volunteer positions exist here. Can you mentor someone online? Can you help a church or ministry do online work better? Can you write once per month on the blog and help others evangelize online and face-to-face? Check out this ministry here.