Official Announcement About TRC Magazine

In accepting this new role with WorldVenture, came a request to make a step of faith. Since 2012, the ezine I created has run with continued success, changing its overall vision from merely talking to believers to global outreach, and teaching its volunteers to use Social Media, not just for marketing, but to converse with our global readers (i.e. Digital Discipleship).


Since 2012, we’ve enjoyed the following blessings:

  • A solid group of volunteers committed to the overall vision of digital discipleship.
  • We went from 200 readers a month to 1500 to 2000 readers a month.
  • Our Facebook page is nearing 500 likes. A like is like an investment of time from a reader and more valued than reactions.
  • My intern with WorldVenture was educated by my supporters through the MII University and came back with some great ideas of global outreach and expansion.

When I accepted my new role of Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator, it came with a request to delete or transfer ownership of my two websites. As you know, Cataclysm Missions Intl was created as a pattern for WorldVenture. It is now gone. The LLC is being terminated via Incorp as we speak. But TRC Magazine was also on that list.

A step of faith and careful consideration of TRC Magazine’s future was required. But this was what God had planned all along. He had placed people in the magazine for such a time as this, and in His gentle way, He was asking me to trust Him with raising 100% funding.

No Plan B.

No foot on the other side of the fence.

Full obedience to this calling and trust that the funding will come.

Giving up TRC means giving it up forever. In obedience to His will, I have officially given ownership of TRC Magazine to my WorldVenture Intern, Ross Harris. Legally, he’ll be the owner in the first weeks of June when the website is transferred from me to him. He is also no longer my intern.

A meeting with the volunteers and Ross took place early Saturday morning via Zoom. The active portion of volunteers is 100% on board. Our wonderful editor, Laurin, an invaluable resource for grammar and punctuation, is also committed to serving under Ross. I am proud that I can be the founder of this ezine and look forward to watching what God does with it through Ross Harris.

Would you pray for him? 

Meanwhile, for me to help Worldventure, I need financial partners. Go here to learn more or to contact me. 

TRC Magazine: Publishing September 1

TRC Magazine was created over a bowl of salsa and chips in 2012.  Since its first edition in June, 2013, TRC Magazine has grown from 200 readers to anywhere from 800 to 2,000 readers a month globally through the heart and passion of its volunteers and interns. When I became an international worker with WorldVenture in 2015, TRC Magazine became a part of a new social media movement.

TRC Magazine doesn’t operate like other magazines. We believe in reaching, not preaching—A combination of sharing Gospel stories, stories that are happening in the world, giving a voice to the voiceless, engaging our readership for deeper conversations, and exploring the arts and literature.

We are seeking to bring soul back to a soulless world, training up our volunteers and interns to understand social media, cross-cultural communication, and the human aspect of social media. We seek to lead the church body in doing social media differently and give non-believers a different viewpoint of Jesus and His people.

In giving a voice to the voiceless, TRC Magazine goes after the stories most commercial ezines don’t publish. We are not interested in big followings, but in quality communication with our readers from all over the world. Our writers represent a biblical diversity that is in the church today. We seek to point the way to the Jesus of the Bible and encourage through discipleship movements holy living through culturally and biblically diverse ways.

On September 1, we publish another edition. I am also excited to announce a new way to serve with TRC Magazine as a church on that edition.

Books as Tent Making

In my “spare time,” I will be writing a book again. The initial idea received some good, constructive feedback from various people that will help guide me as I plan the chapters.

The book will answer the question: “Where can I get one-stop shop resources to learn how to intentionally use social media for the Gospel?” Or, at least, that’s the rough idea.

You can get resources that are technical, experiential, marketing tips, and personal opinion how to use social media as a church or business, but I find it requires me to view that information through the lens of the Gospel and rewrite it so people can see its usefulness as a missions or evangelism tool (or I have to go to different websites to get this information for translation). 

The book will probably be self-published as a tent-making way to make a little extra on the side to fund expenses as I raise 100% support and yet help churches and individuals engage with the synced culture (heard a pastor use this word so I adopted it) in meaningful ways.

It’s been two years since I attempted a book. Before this project, I finished two (unpublished) fiction pieces. Those may still be sent in after substantial editing after this book is finished, especially the first novel. It received a partial manuscript request in 2012 from an agent at my first writers conference in Denver, Colorado.

Writing will remain secondary to what I do with WorldVenture. It is yet another tool in my belt to reach the UN’s. Meanwhile, pray the Holy Spirit prepares the hearts of those I meet to build up my support as a Social Media Missionary.

Your support helps me help others realize their potential in how they use their social media and technology to reach people around them in the marketplace, neighborhoods, and families.

FAQs: Why Do I Have So Many Websites?




In late 2011, I finished my first fiction fantasy novel and had plans to attend the Christian Writer’s Guild, “Writing For The Soul,” event in Denver, Colorado in 2012. I was excited and nervous to pitch my idea to an editor and agent. Like any new writer, I felt like this was it.

I worked so hard to build my online platform. I visited blogs. I built my own website using Homestead (my first company). I had a blog on WordPress where I had published interviews and book reviews. Writing is a small community, and God connected me with some great new friends. I had been online since 2006. My publishing list was a long one–a lifelong desire that started when I was a teenager. But reality hits every new writer.

Some truths I learned were…

Traditional publishing is hard.

Independent publishing (or self-publishing) is just as hard and more expensive.

While an agent asked for a partial manuscript in 2012 (the closest I had ever gotten to traditional publishing), it was later rejected because fantasy fiction in the Christian market was hard to sell. I continued writing more novels, and a strange restlessness began to seep into soul.

If I got a novel published, name on the cover, what then? So what? What was I going to do in between writing and publishing? What matters most to God? My name on the cover? Or the words and actions in between?

TRC Magazine began in 2012 (published in 2013). God had so many stories in the world that I wanted to give a place where people could share them. As a writer sending to big magazine conglomerates, it was discouraging to not get through the front door. Mainly, the people who got through the door were people with larger online platforms that could bring in new readers to these magazines. I wasn’t jealous. It takes a lot of work to get where they were, and I was happy for people who get that far in their life. They’ve earned it. God took my dream of writing and changed it. TRC Magazine became a place to be a megaphone for stories from anyone who wanted to tell it. If they couldn’t write, we help them. That wasn’t enough after a while. I was restless again.

We live in an economically hard area. I started a new business of Social Media Consulting as a ministry to help struggling writers and others get help with their marketing that would be within their budget and teach them to be independent. I was still sending in manuscripts and short stories, but I started to see the cutthroat side of Christian book reviewing. I didn’t like what I saw or how Christians online were mean to each other, or on their own agenda. Aesthetically, we weren’t cohesive, working towards the united goal of the Great Commission.

That’s where WorldVenture and Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC came in. I became a Social Media Missionary with WorldVenture and started Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC (CMI).

Why reinvent the wheel when other online cybermission organizations were doing a great job for the Great Commission? The problem was in how to bring them all together in one place so the pulpit becomes aware of online missions work. How do we also inspire people to join CMI or other cybermissions organizations if they couldn’t serve a traditional missionary organization? How do we educate and equip regular Christians who just want to go to church on Sunday to use their one social media well? How do we change Christian culture in how they react to things online?

The goal of Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC is to bring people from online into a fellowship of faith and the people in the pews to online in order to reach a hurting and lost world. How do we get Christians excited for what God is doing through technology?

I run so many websites so the current volunteers at TRC Magazine and CMI do not have to run a website. I take away the barrier of marketing, maintenance, and cost so God can use our volunteers through our different brands to reach this world. We are showing symbolically that, though we are different, we can work together with a single purpose. It’s been a struggle to bear the yearly costs of running three websites, but God is a generous God. He is the God of the impossible. On a church secretary’s salary, He has made all things possible. His example of generosity has led me to trust Him for all future things.

So pray for me as I continue to run these sites. Pray we can begin to engage, not just share things.