Photos Available for Donation

For a donation of any amount to the Gospel Impact Publishing Fund, you can choose from most any photos from my Instagram page, or from the photos listed here. Framed photos are available on my Etsy account of which all proceeds minus cost of framing and printing go to the above fund.

How to order:

  • Make a donation here.
  • Send receipt to my email and description or file name of the photo you wish to use.
  • I will email you the jpg or png of the picture of your choice.
  • Feel free to use that jpg or png to print and frame on your own, to use in a blog post, a publication, or what-not. If you do use it in a publication or blog post, please do send me the link or mail me a copy of the publication.
  • Warning: Some of the Instagram photos are cropped. If I think a photo is too cropped to print very large, I will disclose that. Feel free to inquire on any photos.
  • All framed photos must be bought through Esty. Only unprinted, unframed files are available through this website for your own use.