On Building a Relationship

A co-worker at the day job sent me this link from Bored Panda. A co-worker of the IT person at a large company asked the IT person to watch and take care of her plant while on vacation. What ensued was a hilarious series of photographs from the IT person (go figure!) that made news on Bored Panda. It made me laugh, and you know what? This kind of stuff is a relationship builder. 

Imagine if we chose to use social media to build relationships in funny and creative ways instead of tearing others down? Speaking to people in their context and in their culture so they understand, even laugh, or learn to trust that we aren’t going to tear them down. If we teach others through our own actions that people can disagree and still hang out, social media ceases to become a tool for darkness.

I’m sure the IT worker’s colleague will never forget those photos.