The Death Toll in India

I can affirm the charity for India and the story as from a legitimate source. If you feel led, please consider making a one-time donation. This is an article by a fellow worker.

India just passed the 300,000 death toll of reported Covid19 related deaths. The real death toll, especially from rural areas, is unknown. The media continues to report that India’s emergency goes on and facilities are stretched beyond the breaking point. Christians are helping.

Kachhwa Christian Hospital (started by missionaries in 1897), near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, has been appointed a Covid hospital. Kachhwa Christian Hospital is one of many small hospitals now drawn in by the government as the country’s health system is in meltdown.

“People are dying in ambulances because hospitals have to turn them away,” says Ram Gidoomal, chairman of South Asian Concern. “These hospitals have been serving their communities, especially the poor and neglected, for many years. Now they face this frightening new challenge, with no oxygen. If we exceed the target, we will pass on the extra to our partner hospitals of the Emmanuel Hospital Association’s 19 hospitals.” All monies donated will be used to help with this ongoing emergency, purchasing oxygen generating machine, ventilators, and other Covid-19 related needs.

Here are two things you can do:

  • First of all, pray. We need a spirit of wisdom, generosity, and discernment for governments.
  • Secondly, if you can, please give. Donations for the appeal can be sent to South Asian Concern by cheque (payable to South Asian Concern) via please visit our Give.Net page here; or by bank transfer to South Asian Concern at CAF Bank, Sort code: 40-52-40, a/c no 00099484. Please indicate that your donation is for the ‘KCH oxygen appeal’ (by emailing to

Note: This is a United Kingdom Charity. It is in “pounds”, not dollars. Probably no tax deduction on this in the United States. Please check with your tax accountant if you have any questions about overseas charity.

New Online Bible Study Begins Monday

Gaye Austin Study

Nehemiah: Teamwork Starts With One

Come join us for 6 weeks as we walk, work and worship with Nehemiah from Susa to Jerusalem. We will see the present reality of how the armor of God prepares us to help others rebuild, restore, rejuvenate those who are fainthearted, weak and discouraged both spiritually and physically. We can learn much from his life about diligence, details and dogged determination. He is a living example of Hebrews 5:14 “solid food is for the mature, whose perceptions are trained by practice to discern both good and evil.” He also was a disciple who counted the cost before embarking on any project just as Jesus said to do.

Are there others around you who are failing in their walk due to extraordinary circumstances? Is God calling you to be a Nehemiah to them? Have you counted the cost of the task before you? Have you bathed it in prayer as Nehemiah did not just once but over and over? How do you handle the thorns and thistles that creep into your life both outside and inside your community? Are you a team builder or just a spectator? Do you know and believe the Prayer of Jabez from 1Chron 4:10? These are some of the questions we will seek to answer.

We begin July 9th 7pm CST, 5pm MST, 8pm EST. Set your calendar! Set your alarm! Come join us on zoom:

Official Announcement About TRC Magazine

In accepting this new role with WorldVenture, came a request to make a step of faith. Since 2012, the ezine I created has run with continued success, changing its overall vision from merely talking to believers to global outreach, and teaching its volunteers to use Social Media, not just for marketing, but to converse with our global readers (i.e. Digital Discipleship).


Since 2012, we’ve enjoyed the following blessings:

  • A solid group of volunteers committed to the overall vision of digital discipleship.
  • We went from 200 readers a month to 1500 to 2000 readers a month.
  • Our Facebook page is nearing 500 likes. A like is like an investment of time from a reader and more valued than reactions.
  • My intern with WorldVenture was educated by my supporters through the MII University and came back with some great ideas of global outreach and expansion.

When I accepted my new role of Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator, it came with a request to delete or transfer ownership of my two websites. As you know, Cataclysm Missions Intl was created as a pattern for WorldVenture. It is now gone. The LLC is being terminated via Incorp as we speak. But TRC Magazine was also on that list.

A step of faith and careful consideration of TRC Magazine’s future was required. But this was what God had planned all along. He had placed people in the magazine for such a time as this, and in His gentle way, He was asking me to trust Him with raising 100% funding.

No Plan B.

No foot on the other side of the fence.

Full obedience to this calling and trust that the funding will come.

Giving up TRC means giving it up forever. In obedience to His will, I have officially given ownership of TRC Magazine to my WorldVenture Intern, Ross Harris. Legally, he’ll be the owner in the first weeks of June when the website is transferred from me to him. He is also no longer my intern.

A meeting with the volunteers and Ross took place early Saturday morning via Zoom. The active portion of volunteers is 100% on board. Our wonderful editor, Laurin, an invaluable resource for grammar and punctuation, is also committed to serving under Ross. I am proud that I can be the founder of this ezine and look forward to watching what God does with it through Ross Harris.

Would you pray for him? 

Meanwhile, for me to help Worldventure, I need financial partners. Go here to learn more or to contact me. 

Active Online Ministries

The Bible Study Project

Consider joining, or starting one and be listed on this website. Click here.


Roots Writers and Social Media Critique Group

The website was formerly under Cataclysm Missions Intl LLC. It is now under my new digital discipleship role. The website is located here, but it will be updated later this week with the same information as on the previous website. It will always have a link here directing you to their own website. It has its own brand. I co-lead it with Sherry Rossman. You can find her website here. 

The Bible Study Project

The Bible Study Project (from here) is going well. I am currently training two women to use technology to re-create the face-to-face Bible Study and build an online community that partners with the local church. How this usually works is,

  1. The interested person emails with a testimony, even a resume.
  2. The interested person schedules a time for a video chat. We proceed to discover what she or he wants to teach, learn about him or her, and talk about what video interface app he or she wishes to use. Normally, we go through Zoom.
  3. Another video interface is set up for training on the particular video app he or she wishes to use for the Bible Study.
  4. The first study is co-hosted with me as part of technology training. I help them navigate the technology. For every teacher, they are welcome to co-host on my Zoom subscription.
  5. After the first study, they are required to get their own Zoom or let me know what video app they will be using. Video must be used to be listed on this site. The whole goal is to get away from fragmented relationships by only using chat to building a face-to-face community.

After the person has begun their perpetual online video Bible Study, I still pop in once in a while to monitor their progress and give support where needed. The responsibility of the teacher is to,

  • Build their own email lists to continue connection with the leaders.
  • Add their signees to our Facebook group. The group allows all participants to engage each other and the teachers in questions, prayer, etc. This is where the leaders can remind them of upcoming studies.
  • Recordings are kept on the teacher’s own social media with occasionally using Cataclysm Missions own Youtube account when video editing becomes challenging (at least until I have trained them).

Currently, the two women I am training are doing weekly Bible Studies. This means I am attending two Bible Studies each week night. I work at a day job which blocks out 40-hours from my week, restricting when I can hold these Bible Studies. A third woman is rumored to be interested in this movement. I can’t train her until I am free from one of the Bible Studies. I can’t hold any day time studies until I am 100% funded.

The interest in this movement far outweighs my financial support. If you feel led to give $25, $35, or more per month in a tax deductible support, please click here. I would love your support in challenging Bible illiteracy and sharing the Gospel worldwide.


A Project Done


The process of taking on designing an online ministry for a church or nonprofit is this:

  1. Vision: Vision cast with the church. What is it they wish to accomplish? Write it down. Talk about it. Finalize it as this is the basis for training.
  2. Assess their technology know-how and set up a training schedule and time of release. 
  3. Implement training schedule and time. 
  4. Release. 

I am never the front wheel of the ministry, but always the back wheel. Ideally, the ministry should be taking initiative to take on more and more responsibility, always communicating with me if their ministry changes direction or vision. The training schedule is always based upon the initial vision. If that changes, so does the training.

Number four might be confusing. What does it mean to release a project?

It means, I am never part of the ministry. I am a third party coming in from the outside to help the church succeed in their vision. When training is done, I release the training wheels and close the project from any further involvement from me as a missionary. This is what I did recently.

A project has been released.

Won’t you pray for it today?