You Are Part of the Story

“Will you actually raise 100%?” She asked in a voice full of doubt.

“Yes.” I answered and recalled what WorldVenture said in training–it is not IF we raise 100%, but WHEN. If God has been opening doors to make this appointment possible, then why wouldn’t He raise the full amount? This conversation also reminded me there’s another part of this journey I haven’t considered: How raising full support builds other people’s faith.

You are a part of the story. When you pray with me and/or support me, you are making full support a reality, not a dream or a wish, but a vision fulfilled. You are bringing an umbrella to a prayer meeting that is praying for rain. You are waiting with me in expectation of an answer to prayer. When I get to 100% support, you will be part of that faith story, how God’s people prayed, showed up, and celebrated together a fulfillment of that prayer.

How can you be part of that story?