Anyone Could Have Done It

In a former job, someone wrote on the white erase board a long poem from here. Here is the part that matters:

Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it,

And Anyone could have done it

But in the end Nobody always ended up with the task.

Your conversations are online, and when you get the opportunity to share your faith, don’t back away and ask a missionary or pastor to do it for you. Your fear-based response sends the wrong message to the person you love. Afterall, you spent time with this person on and/or offline. A pastor shepherds 300+ and one stat says there is one missionary for every 213,000 people. You established the relationship and they have a connection with you, not with the missionary and not with the pastor.

Do share with your pastor and/or missionary about the situation as much as you are able so they can pray and guide you, but don’t shy from the work of the Gospel. You are capable and braver than you think. Questions can be answered later. I’ve often found it good to say, “Let me get back to you,” on something I don’t have the answer to.

And sometimes, there are no answers in this life. That’s okay, too.

Somebody could do it.

Anybody could have done it.

But, really, your new friends are asking you to do it. They trust you. They love you. You love them. You are not alone as you share your faith with them. Your church and your missionaries are praying with you.

You are brave. You are strong. God is with you.


Putting Together Puzzles


Ever do puzzles? 

For a very short period in my life, I liked puzzles. My grandmother would tell me, “Start in the corners.” I believe she also said to do the sides first so you can figure out which blue piece is the sky. Without the corners and sides, it was nearly impossible to finish a puzzle. I talk about putting together a puzzle because it is like creating a social media ministry.

Social Media employs my creativity, my love of story telling, reading, art, and it gives me boundless freedom to find new ways to frame the Gospel and help others follow Him and help Christians serve Him. Mike Duran, an author, often talks about the church’s uneasy relationship with art. Yet, it is the visual story that is gaining ground versus the literal story. Our world is becoming more secondary oral than literal and writers and Christian artists must find new vehicles in which to share the Gospel. To see all the pieces of how I serve, you must attend a presentation, even if you never intend to support me financially. How can you pray if you don’t understand what I do? 

Everything I do online is a different frame in which a Christian can use their abilities and time to serve and share the Gospel in more strategic and authentically engaging ways. Our pastor at Grace Baptist Church said on Sunday that our society is feeling more hopeless, more anxious. We can blame that on technology, North Korea, or (fill in the blank); or we can get involved and share hope with them through our every day activity online.

I ran across this quote from someone I don’t know anything about, but he makes a point:

“Social media websites are no longer performing an envisaged function of creating a positive communication link among friends, family and professionals. It is a veritable battleground, where insults fly from the human quiver, damaging lives, destroying self-esteem and a person’s sense of self-worth.” (Anthony Carmona)

In my newsletter, you see one or two pieces of what I do. You may have come to some correct or incorrect conclusions about what you think I do online.

Would you like to meet for coffee sometime to see the whole picture?

Just let me know. 

Why Didn’t I Think of It?

Mike Duran is one of those few people who are good at social media. He talks about different subjects with a great tone of voice, putting the responsibility on us to think critically about an issue or a verse, like this one…

You Are Part of the Story

“Will you actually raise 100%?” She asked in a voice full of doubt.

“Yes.” I answered and recalled what WorldVenture said in training–it is not IF we raise 100%, but WHEN. If God has been opening doors to make this appointment possible, then why wouldn’t He raise the full amount? This conversation also reminded me there’s another part of this journey I haven’t considered: How raising full support builds other people’s faith.

You are a part of the story. When you pray with me and/or support me, you are making full support a reality, not a dream or a wish, but a vision fulfilled. You are bringing an umbrella to a prayer meeting that is praying for rain. You are waiting with me in expectation of an answer to prayer. When I get to 100% support, you will be part of that faith story, how God’s people prayed, showed up, and celebrated together a fulfillment of that prayer.

How can you be part of that story?