VIDEO: Every Journey Begins Somewhere

This is another experiment.

When I raise full funding as a missionary, I plan on getting Video Corel, an external hard drive, and a better desk top. Meanwhile, I am using a cell phone and a tablet to create short videos, and editing with Windows Movie Maker. I’m not as fond of Windows Movie Maker as I am of Video Corel. I use Video Corel at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship.

The purpose of this video is to share our adventures in a missional way; to connect with people who love the outdoors or people from other countries who are fascinated by the outdoors. Woven into this music-and-scenery-only video are words of comfort and encouragement. Please let me know how you think I could improve this.

The video isn’t meant just to showcase our adventures. The purpose is always to bring engagement with the goal of making disciples.