A Prayer For You

Originally, I wrote this as a status on Facebook when I left, after almost 11 years, a job at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship, to start a full time job that would help me pay the bills better as I raise support. But it is a prayer for the global church. Feel free to share it.

Coffee With Nikki: “Sharing” on Social Media

Coffee With Nikki was inspired by a church seeking to grow their church and include their congregation in the social media ministry. In this episode, I talk about how to share the media your church is sharing on their Facebook.  This video was created for older audiences or the technologically challenged. The idea is to show you how missions and evangelism can be done with a simple click of a button and a few words. This video will become a monthly instead of weekly occurance in light of now working a full time job on top of raising support as an international worker with WorldVenture.

The idea is to inspire the church to think of social media as one of their many tools to influence and encourage people to consider learning about Jesus and looking at church in a different way. Church isn’t dying. Anyone can see by observing online interactions that we have a communication problem.



Why I Review Stephen King

In a series of short videos, I review Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. I review this because Stephen King is a successful horror writer and people, especially unbelievers, read him. A Christian horror writer once said that horror is really a philosophy. My goal with this three part series is to engage people in conversation about the issues I bring up. You can go here to view all of the series.

Today’s Video:

Coffee With Nikki “#Browns”

Coffee With Nikki are short episodes addressing older Christians or the technologically challenged to help the church body use this tool to share the Gospel and build relationships online. If you would like to hear more about hashtags, you can go to my free Facebook class in May or we can set up a Zoom or Skype session to talk.

Video Length: Less than 3 minutes

Coffee With Nikki – Next Episode

The next episode will be Saturday, March 25. Coffee With Nikki episodes are aimed at the technologically disabled or the Senior Adult Christian to encourage them to get online and serve.

To see these consistently every week, please consider how you can partner with me on a monthly basis. I serve online before and after a full time job. My aim is to go into this full time. Without you, I cannot do it. I need people willing to commit to $25, $35, or more per month in a tax deductible donation. You can view my profile on WorldVenture here or press the give link at the top of the page.

With ministry meetings most of the day on Friday, I was not able to get one done. Your donation will contribute towards freeing up my time to mobilize the church and serve online myself.

A Blessing

On President’s Day, we took a long drive up highway 260 in Arizona. As a social media mentor and consultant, it’s almost a crime not to post on social media when you see beauty reflected in creation. The pine trees are almost black against the white snow. Where the snow had melted, small ponds have formed. The best view was the sudden discovery of Elk just outside Payson, Arizona.

We think they were bulls who had shed their antlers. My husband stopped in the middle of a highway in his excitement, but I directed him farther up the road where we found a pull out to park. We walked quietly back to the herd and took this video:

New ‘Coffee With Nikki’ Video

Beginning in March, the vlog series, “Coffee with Nikki” will begin again. I am saving a little each week to buy the Corel Video Studio program as Serif is not really meeting my needs. Initially, it was great, but the separation of the audio and video files has created a sync issue. I work with Corel Video at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship and like that program. Adobe Video was great, but it is expensive.

We will begin with a video about reactions and their proper use. The series was created in response to a friend who said, “You can serve people online even in your fuzzy slippers.” 

Another friend said that it takes some kind of courage to get on video with curlers in your hair, your bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers. I bought emoji slippers, but once in a while, I will take on a “guest slipper.” Someone can loan me their fuzzy slippers and they will be featured on the five minute video. On a serious note, I made this five minute series to help Senior Adults understand technology. I wanted to mobilize the church. My alarm at the separation of generations also prompted me to do something.

Will you tell your Senior Adult friends about my new series?