TRC Magazine: Publishing September 1

TRC Magazine was created over a bowl of salsa and chips in 2012.  Since its first edition in June, 2013, TRC Magazine has grown from 200 readers to anywhere from 800 to 2,000 readers a month globally through the heart and passion of its volunteers and interns. When I became an international worker with WorldVenture in 2015, TRC Magazine became a part of a new social media movement.

TRC Magazine doesn’t operate like other magazines. We believe in reaching, not preaching—A combination of sharing Gospel stories, stories that are happening in the world, giving a voice to the voiceless, engaging our readership for deeper conversations, and exploring the arts and literature.

We are seeking to bring soul back to a soulless world, training up our volunteers and interns to understand social media, cross-cultural communication, and the human aspect of social media. We seek to lead the church body in doing social media differently and give non-believers a different viewpoint of Jesus and His people.

In giving a voice to the voiceless, TRC Magazine goes after the stories most commercial ezines don’t publish. We are not interested in big followings, but in quality communication with our readers from all over the world. Our writers represent a biblical diversity that is in the church today. We seek to point the way to the Jesus of the Bible and encourage through discipleship movements holy living through culturally and biblically diverse ways.

On September 1, we publish another edition. I am also excited to announce a new way to serve with TRC Magazine as a church on that edition.