New Support Numbers!

Since the beginning of December, I’ve been running active ministries and looking for a new job. I’ve also been praying and working to raise my support numbers.

God continues to work on the hearts of those He wants to use to support my work. I have a couple of verbal supports and I am at 22% support. It’s been tough to get everything done. The job hunting has taken away valuable free time, and I am pleased to say my prayers were answered.

Last week, I began my first week at a new job. The hours work well with ministry and I am slowly getting a feel for what my new schedule will look like with WorldVenture. I won’t say publicly where I am working as they are sensitive to the brand reputation of their company. It is my desire to keep my social media activity unconnected to the job. What I post is my own and not reflective of the company I work for.

I leave my role at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship as a church secretary to becoming Solid Rock’s church-supported Social Media Mentor (part of WorldVenture’s organization).

As a friend pointed out, “Working for money will make you miserable.” I do what I love and love what I do.

Will you continue praying for me?