Online Video Bible Studies

This is an online discipleship project under my role with WorldVenture. The purpose of the online Bible Study is to take our solid Bible teachers and teach them how to use video-conferencing apps like Zoom or Skype to teach a small group.

To apply:

  • Email me with a one-page testimony: nikolehahn (at) How did you come to know Christ? What church do you attend?

What to Expect:

  • What video conferencing app would you like to use? If you use my Zoom subscription, you may use it for the first study not to exceed 60 days. I will train you on it. Then, to continue to be listed on this website, you’ll need to get your own Zoom account. Whatever video conferencing you’d like to use, your 30 to 60-day free training includes guiding you through the technology as you lead the study.
  • You are expected to open an email account to connect for your group. You are responsible to add your people to The Bible Study Project Facebook group.
  • When you begin to lead your group without my help, you’ll need to add my email to your email notifications and make sure that I get an invite to the Bible Study. I do pop in on occasion to check things out even when the training is over. This is required if you would like to be listed on this website and to be a part of The Bible Study Project Facebook group.

I am willing to train church teams and have your church represented on this website.

Current Groups: 

**Financial partners support the cost of this ministry. If you would like to become a financial partner, click here to give**