Wilderness Trekking Video Series Coming

The Wilderness Trekking Video Series Begins April, 2016

outdoors, wildernessBased on Isaiah 43:19, the Wilderness Trekking video series will feature stories of people coming out of the wilderness and becoming a new creation through Christ.

The reasons for starting this series will be outlined in-depth in my March newsletter. It was inspired from this video, which is considered a first foray into the idea:

On this particular trail, we encountered people from Brazil, the United Kingdom, and possibly Austria or Germany. The Diaspora possibilities for this series are wonderful, especially when I interview people in their heart language using interpreters. My hope is to encourage engagement.

Tell a story. 

Showcase the trail. 

Encourage discussion. 

There is no better way to bring out a person’s story than trekking through the wilderness among the beauty of the Master Artist’s creation. The mountains and trails have been known to bring out deep discussions, friendship, and the positive side of human nature that isn’t normally present in urban settings.



So when you receive an invitation from us in the mail, email, or by social media, please accept. I want to treat you to coffee and help you share your wilderness experience before you came to know Jesus and accepted Him in your life. This is Man Vs. Wild meets the Travel Channel.

A series like this will showcase the trail and the highlights of the trail with a voiceover and live interview of the person we choose to invite. The hike will be based on the person’s ability so we do not exclude those unable to go longer than a mile.

Until I raise full support as a missionary with WorldVenture, I am restricted through what equipment I can afford like toggling between my tablet and smart phone cameras and using Windows Movie Maker (if my desktop cannot handle better video editing equipment). Also, because I work full time still, my free time will be restricted. In the future, I would like to do these videos once per month. For now, I must only commit to once every other month.