Why It’s Difficult to Serve

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” says Mark 10:45. As I let this verse sink into my heart, I realized I have always glossed over it. I nod, agree, and move on, without really letting it sink in.

If God came to serve rather than be served, why are we (humans) still expecting people to come to us, through our church doors, to our programs?

On the ministry side of things, I serve wholeheartedly, but on the personal side of things, sometimes, I allow myself to be served. I let laziness instruct my actions.

  • Not getting receipts to my husband.
  • Not getting the dishes done.
  • Not putting serving my husband on high priority all the time.

These are my faults. It’s easy to be served, but not so simple to serve. The common response in churches can be, “Why should I (put your complaint here); why not them?” With this attitude, who is going to cross that bridge to make connections first if we are waiting for them to respond? If no one crosses that bridge to make peace, no peace exists. Your resentment is real to have to make an effort, but regardless, what are we supposed to do as people of faith?

“For even the Son of man did not come to be served,” Mark reminds us, “but to serve…” This doesn’t mean we become someone else’s door mat. As the opportunity presents itself to show love, we should ask the Holy Spirit to give us direction and motivation.

As for my personal life, I can’t promise I will faithfully put the receipts where they belong, get the dishes done in time, or always let serving trump laziness, but I do try. It’s a journey. My husband is my most important relationship on this earth, second only to my relationship with God.

I want to honor those that I love with my actions, even those I do not love, not to make a point, but to live out my faith as Jesus tells me, because He loves THEM.