Telling Stories at Your Church

Churches and missionaries share something in common: Both depend upon donations to continue. Missionaries write support letters to report back what God is doing in the field to those who have invested in them. Churches and their ministries need to emulate this.

Gather the facts and interview the people affected by your ministry.

  • How did their lives change?
  • How did it change their thought process?
  • Change their names to protect their identity or use their real names.
  • Take pictures.

You can video this or write it. A video can be shared during service and posted on a website. Please make sure you get written permission or a media release from the person interviewed.

If you video, don’t do the dreaded white wall.

  • Choose a natural setting.
  • Don’t interview with questions. Give them a question ahead of time and tell them to tell you a story.
  • Switch action scenes with person talking to give variation. Do voice over for action scenes.
  • Use music softly in the background, if it doesn’t distract.

A missionary knows people will not give to their ministries without first knowing what is happening. The same goes for the church. If you manage a ministry at a church, see if your church will give your ministry a platform to tell the stories happening in your ministry. Your efforts will help your church grow, encourage generous stewardship, and inspire volunteerism.

What stops you from telling those stories?