New ‘Coffee With Nikki’ Video

Beginning in March, the vlog series, “Coffee with Nikki” will begin again. I am saving a little each week to buy the Corel Video Studio program as Serif is not really meeting my needs. Initially, it was great, but the separation of the audio and video files has created a sync issue. I work with Corel Video at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship and like that program. Adobe Video was great, but it is expensive.

We will begin with a video about reactions and their proper use. The series was created in response to a friend who said, “You can serve people online even in your fuzzy slippers.” 

Another friend said that it takes some kind of courage to get on video with curlers in your hair, your bathrobe, and fuzzy slippers. I bought emoji slippers, but once in a while, I will take on a “guest slipper.” Someone can loan me their fuzzy slippers and they will be featured on the five minute video. On a serious note, I made this five minute series to help Senior Adults understand technology. I wanted to mobilize the church. My alarm at the separation of generations also prompted me to do something.

Will you tell your Senior Adult friends about my new series?