Navajo Art


An overlook gave us the opportunity to take a break from driving for a while. Some Navajos had set up some booths there, too.

We admired the artistry of the Navajo gifts. One woman in particular created Christmas ornaments from pottery, paint, and horse hair. The price was reasonable–$25.

I mentally marked this spot. Positioned high above the canyons and several hours from our home town, I knew this is where I wanted to return. It’s a long ways to drive just to buy some Navajo gifts.

The Navajos, like the Hondurans, hold a special place in my heart. The Navajos captured my heart since the first short term missions trip I instigated on my own. I traveled to Kayenta, Arizona twice; once to discover my missionary heart, and the second time, because I fell in love with the people.

Have you ever heard a church service in Navajo? 

I was blessed to hear their native language, and I encourage you to do your own soul searching and visit these people. This small congregation drives up to fifty miles every Sunday to hear the Word of God. The pastor of that church spends a lot of time in his car driving to spend time with his congregation and serve them. You could say they are committed to their church congregation.

I still recall how that pastor urged me to get a degree. At the time, I wasn’t seriously considering a degree. Now it is something I am seriously considering. I want to really understand the Bible so I can lose my fear of misusing it. Because of my past, I take Biblical accuracy and truth very seriously. Often, before I use a verse, I will look up the commentaries and writings around it to understand the context. I rely heavily upon different books and commentaries to make sure I get the meaning right.

That’s where my mind drifted as I stood so close to the blue sky overlooking the canyons that were etched into the earth.

We reluctantly returned to the car empty-handed. Even though it is a long way to drive to buy gifts for others, their work is one-of-a-kind.

Some photos from today:

Glen Canyon Dam
Cameron, Arizona