Let’s Also Make Good Followers, Too

In scrolling down my Facebook news feed, I lost count on how many posts targeted leaders or potential leaders. A great many books and conferences are around leadership, but I wonder how many conferences talk about grooming good followers?

“The headline “Americans no longer want a boss” was seen above a story about a FreshBooks report that says the number of self-employed workers could triple in the next two years.” This came from LVB.com. 

The original article on “Americans No Longer Want a Boss” somehow got lost and deleted in my phone notifications. The above article didn’t go into as much detail as I would have wished, but it matches what is coming from the work force. Somehow, everyone wants to be a boss or a leader (or they want to play more and work less) but where are the good followers–that awesome team of supporters gifted in specific areas that can help the leader in the overall objectives and mission of the company, church, or missionary organization?

Where are the conferences that help create a dynamic work force that encourages each volunteer or employee to treat their places of employment like the mission field?

A conference can focus on the following:

  • Coming to work every day no matter the political climate, work environment, or how you emotionally feel.
  • How to give more back to your co-workers than you receive.
  • Starting the morning with Bible reading and prayer to fortify yourself for the day and to face the day with a “can do” attitude no matter the stress; to pray for difficult co-workers and working situations.
  • How to serve like Jesus in the work place.

Bosses lead the rest of the company forward. Without a good team, a boss will fail. We don’t need Zombies. We need thinking, creative, dependable, and honest workers who can love like Jesus and pursue holiness in their relationship with Him, even if the workplace is miserable.

My magazine is blessed to have such a team. Without them, TRC Magazine would suffer. They are an example of leaders understanding how to be good followers, and followers understanding how to support the overall mission and vision of a company.