Through the Lens of the Congregation #socialmedia #church

When you listen to this webinar, listen as a congregation member, not a leader of a ministry or as a pastor. How can you, as a congregation member, serve on Social Media?

Here are my notes from the webinar:

Some points to consider: 

  • Elevate your brand? Instead, take sermon notes online and tag your church in it. Check in to your church.
  • For leaders and pastors: It’s not how many “likes” you get, but how you shepherd the people on your Facebook. How are you serving them on social media? How will you pray for them? Do you know them?
  • Communication: It’s important to respond within a reasonable amount of time to people who leave comments. It’s all about relationships.
  • Love Africa? Most of the continent is on Facebook.
  • Create groups to target certain people on your personal friend list with certain needs (set to secret for confidentiality) and create a community.
  • You don’t have to be on every social network. Pick two social networks that you, “can be all in on.” Michael Hyatt also said this.
  • Photo posts get 39% more interaction.
  • Shorter posts get more engagement. Save the long posts for a blog.
  • Ask questions. Be other-minded.
  • On posting scripture, don’t just post scripture. Add your own words, too. What does this scripture mean to you?
  • If you feel passionate about a cause, help an organization promote a cause by sharing your thoughts and stories about the cause.
  • Tell stories.
  • Organic reach means no advertising in the wording of your status.
  • Do auto posts and impulsive posts.
  • On your Facebook page, post at least twice a day.
  • High-resolution cover photos that tell a story and attract people on your page. On your personal profile, use the same.
  • is a wonderful and free photo place.
  • What is your vision or mission statement in life? An organization doesn’t have to be the only one creating one. Then, post around that vision or mission statement on your social media.
  • Post often on your personal Facebook or social media. Engage people. Don’t just share.
  • Facebook live works via your phone only. Use it to do an online Bible Study and invite people to that “secret” group.

Questions? Let’s brainstorm. Talk to me.