July Wilderness Trekking Video (Episode 2)

Episode two of the Wilderness Trekking Video Series will be available on my Youtube channel about mid-July. Our focus is a married couple this time who will share an amazing story.

I wish I could tell you the question given to them to answer on our video. I can tell you that we will be hiking the Mingus Mountains.

The Wilderness Trekking Video series, if you are new here, is a series of videos about 2-6 minutes in length that features the trail and the story of the individual we take hiking.

Again, we don’t care if you wish to share the video with your friends privately or share the video in front of a church or a group. We create so we can give freely and generously.

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to create without the generosity of a community of artists who create the music we add to it. Check out Free Music Archive!