Education and Going forward

Last year, I looked into a certificate program through Fuller Theological. The generosity of my home church pastor and friends gave references. I got into the acceptance part when we talked about financial and credit requirements per month that I realized the required time was more than I had at the moment.

Two classes a quarter were required. With a 40-hour a week day job and active ministries, plus raising support, that wasn’t feasible (unless I wanted to give up time with my husband). I am still looking at getting certificates in the future when I am mostly fully supported and part time or gone from the day job.

Until then, I am turning to my approved education plan which is developmental leadership courses through Western Seminary. Nothing with official transcripts, but an education that is for my own growth as a leader. The lessons are video with a quiz. You do get a certificate of completion. It is affordable, but even with the short videos and quiz, it’s been hard to keep it up.

Pray for me as I balance everything and still grow in relevance and leadership.

Thank you, friends!