David Platt and The Refugee Crisis

David Platt Challenges Us

Tony says, it’s because I am growing as a believer.

I am a different today than I was ten years ago. Different than the person who turned 30. My heart ached for the child laying face down in the wet sand with the ocean lapping around him. Syrians had a country. They had jobs. What started as a protest became a civil war. Don’t they deserve to know Jesus, too?

Sure, there are terrorists now being identified as hiding among them, but when, in the history of Christianity, was it ever safe to speak the name of Jesus? I agree with common sense security and we should clean up the red tape that exists for people wanting to come here legally. If you are called to serve the refugees, please look deeper into technology. Listen to the webinar by Mobile Ministry Forum here. Some are already in the United States. The harvest is in our backyard.

It’s a long video, but please, take the time to listen to David Platt. Feel free to share your thoughts, but remember to keep it discussional. I’m interested in solutions. The harvest is at hand.

Watch Here