On Change and Calling in Sick

In order to stay relevant, I accept change. Change is every day for me. That’s why I am glad Google Calendar makes it easy to switch appointments, workouts, etc because even my schedule is not immune to change. As I was thinking about my appointments, I thought about how we call in sick to work. In this new role, I don’t have that luxury.

If someone calls in sick at my day job, someone is there to take over their tasks. When one of my appointments is speaking in front of a church or ministry group, I have to show up. Calling in sick is not an option. No one is there to take my place. If TRC Magazine is scheduled to publish, as the publisher, I need to show up and make sure the organization is running smoothly. It isn’t my intern who is responsible for the ezine.

Thankfully, my schedule isn’t so stringent. I have much flexibility so far, except for my own personal dislike of calling in sick. That’s the change thing. Working in technology means you are okay with constant changes in strategy and equipment. One of the changes that are happening is Virtual and Augmented Reality.

I am working out a way to afford a Virtual Reality set so I can begin to experiment with Facebook spaces and all that VR and AR entail. Stay tuned.