A Computer is a Personality

In Adobe’s blog, How do Machines Learn? The Art of Teaching MachinesAdobe writes,

“One promise of smart machines is to improve the speed and effciency at which humans can complete tasks and analyze outcomes. Increasingly, powerful machines can accomplish tasks, such as data analysis, in seconds that could take humans days, weeks, or years to complete.”

At the May 5, Grace Baptist Church’s women’s luncheon, I said, “Think of a computer as a personality.” This received giggles. Yet, it’s true.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) are mimicking the human brain. machines are being taught to think and be curious on their own. It’s like a way a child learns to speak and play and interact with others. In fact, a group from Berkley is teaching AI to be curious through games. When I read this, I thought of the 1983 classic, Wargames, where the character played by Matthew Broderick hacks into the war machine’s Artificial Intelligence and starts playing games with it.

The article ends on a positive. Experts aren’t saying we’ll evolve into a Terminator reality where machines seek to exterminate us. This will give us time to focus on world issues that really matter as AI saves us time by doing the grunt work.