What’s An Echo Chamber?

An “echo chamber” is when you surround yourself online with people who agree with you. Some years ago, a social media platform was barely doing well until the election year. Then, it blew up!  Many people joined, but it wasn’t long before they returned to Facebook. 

The reason? No sense of community. It was an echo chamber that brought no real change and became a place where people could gripe to one another. So, the platform lost its popularity. People returned back to their former social media habits. Facebook grew to 2 billion users per month.

An echo chamber is a return to being comfortable. Comfortable is not a place we’re supposed to dwell. Jesus said to “follow me,” to deny yourself, and take up your cross daily (Luke 9:23). But, some in church circles still cling to, “…this is the way we’ve always done it.” 

Don’t join an “echo chamber.” Let the Lord use you to make a difference in people’s lives by truly following Him. This will take courage, but God will give you the courage and the words. Trust Him.