Thinking Out Loud: Education Goals

My simple plan for lifelong education was approved last year. It’s a combination of free and affordable classes with a lot of reading. My long-term plan though after I reach 100% support is to set up an account where I can put aside a little each month to save for a college education.

The goal isn’t really a degree, but to challenge myself in classes that require homework and accountability. So, when I save enough in that account for a few classes, I’ll enroll. Once I begin a few classes, I can then apply for scholarships. Maybe by the time I reach 90, I’ll have acquired the credits for a degree in Biblical Studies.

I chose the first plan because becoming a missionary isn’t exactly a career that will pay off student loan debt in a short amount of time. I need to be a good steward of my time and resources so that I can have strong ministries with great volunteers. So pray for me as I spend this year and part of next determining that goal and school. Pray also for a great plan to pay for my education in cash without accruing debt.

I love learning. I love the accountability of college. However, debt would not, in this economy, help ministry.

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