Social Media is Not “Playing”

Before becoming appointed with WorldVenture, I unsuccessfully tried to bring attention to the importance of social media to the churches as an individual and a struggling writer. After the appointment, attitudes changed towards me. I seldom heard the words, “playing” in association with using social media.

At WorldVenture’s annual Renewal Conference in Denver, Colorado, I realized that God will use me for much more than my original plan. In talking to different missionaries and answering their questions, I saw their eyes open and understanding occur when they realized how social media could be used to grow church plants in their country. Even “retired” missionaries can use the online world to continue sharing God’s love through discipleship.

With the advantage missionaries have of understanding the culture, they won’t have the same communication issues we in the United States may have when using social media to talk to someone from another culture or country. We, on the other hand, must learn the culture through experience, books, and classes like Kairos or Perspectives. Another problem exists even if one does know the culture.

A language barrier is between those of us who do social media and those who do not, and the cure is education and the willingness to serve online; to change and adapt according to the needs in the field (i.e. your community, your church, your church plant, your country).

Social media is about connection. People are aching, even needing to connect. They want conversation. They want to belong. This is why I have started free Facebook classes: To educate people on the point of social media and to mobilize the church body to reach the unreached, the unloved, and the unchurched online (I have one caveat though–that people who attend pick up extra brochures to hand out to their friends and church leaders).

For my partnership with WorldVenture to be successful, I need to build up financial support. God is developing this ministry into much more than I previously thought and fruit is already bearing even at part time. This would not have happened without WorldVenture’s guidance. Working with a team is amazing!  

How can you help me?

  • Ask me for brochures that you can hand out to your friends and church leaders.
  • Host a party and invite your friends so I can do a presentation.
  • Meet with me to learn more, even if you can “only” pray for these efforts. It’s important to know what to pray for.
  • Talk to your church leaders about me. I am willing to meet with them.
  • Let me speak to your ministry or small group.
  • Do you own a business? Consider partnering with me financially. I can make a presentation to your board or partners.
  • Encourage people to attend my Living Room Sessions (Email me to learn more).
  • Partner through a monthly gift of $25, $50, or whatever God puts on your heart. 

Be part of what God is doing in technology. Help me help the church and grow my partnership with WorldVenture for God’s limitless possibilities!