How to Share Scripture #SocialMedia


When I have tried to teach people how to use graphic cloudware like, Canva, I get blank stares. Most of the time, the people I teach social media to want three things:

  • Ready-made content.
  • Not spend too many hours on a blog post.
  • Painless graphics.

Our sponsor,, has an interesting website where you can get engaging content, graphics, and a quick look up of verses. The graphics are connected to their Instagram account. On Instagram, you can share other people’s graphics. If you do share other people’s graphics to your Instagram account, make sure you use popular hashtags to gain a new audience and write a comment that ends in a question to encourage conversation.

Blog posts are typically between 300 to 900 words depending on your audience. They don’t have to be a lot of work, but they do need to give value to people. Like this sponsored post, I care about you so I only allow very few sponsored posts if the site itself has value for my vision.

In this case, the vision is for people in the pews to be mobilized to share the Gospel on their social media through relationships. What does this look like?

Share a verse with someone today from the site that encourages them to look closer at Jesus.