Roots Writers Update

When Roots began, it was to make disciples, not readers. We wanted writers to return to the roots of why they write. As a writer, we are story tellers and story tellers have a long history of doing good work to share the Gospel. With social media, writers have an opportunity to engage with people all over the world.

Week before last, our group met for the first time in the face-to-face at Third Shot Coffee since Covid-19 shut down in Arizona. Our leader, Sherry, was unable to meet and joined via Zoom. She is the one on my phone sitting on my backpack.

Right now, we are working on updating the Roots’ social media platform. Renee has been assigned to do our newsletter. Primarily, it’s been me trying to set up and run the social for this ministry, but my work with WorldVenture and that of the day job has left me with little time to do this.

We hope to assign someone to run the social media and keep it updated regularly. We also hope to develop a new service award for those writers who use social media well to “make disciples, not readers”.