One Way to Support Missions

Kroger Stores Helping
WorldVenture Missionaries
(That includes me, too!)

I have over a hundred Kroger gift cards with a $2-2.50 credit on them. When running ministries, you always have expenses that come up, and this card will help me cover those expenses.

Here is how they work:

  1. Ask me for a gift card (as many as you wish).
  2. It works at any Kroger store including Frys and Food 4 Less (listing is on back of card).
  3. Go to customer service or the cashier and load cash from a debit, check, or cash (not sure about credit card) onto the card.
  4. Buy stuff.
  5. At the cash register, if it is Fry’s food store, use your phone number to get your discounts.
  6. Use your preloaded gift card to pay for your groceries or purchases instead of your card, check, or cash.
  7. 5% of Kroger’s profits from that sale, not your cash, goes to WorldVenture and helps to benefit me in ministry.
What Can You Do?
  • Help a person in need by pre-loading a card with cash and give them one. Just tell me how many cards you wish to have. Let them know it is reloadable. For a homeless person, this might be safer than carrying cash.
  • Give one to someone who is learning how to budget. From a Dave Ramsey perspective, I have found it helps to stay on budget.
  • You can use this card at the Starbuck’s in Frys.
  • If you run a ministry at your church and you shop at Fry’s or Food4Less (or any of the other stores listed) where you buy ministry supplies, consider using this card every time. You will help me lead and train people to serve others online and spread the Gospel.
  • Tell people about these cards and have them contact me to get them.
  • If you are going to propose to someone, buy the ring at Fred Meyer’s and use this card to pay for it. You’d be helping spread the Gospel and making your bride very happy.
  • Teach a young adult how to budget by giving them this card so they start life out on the right foot by not getting into credit card debt or overdraft fees.

Request one from Please include a mailing address where one can be sent. Thanks for you help.