New Disciplines #missions #church #sunday

A new job means new disciplines. New hours means reassessing how I do my work with WorldVenture and how I fit in my work outs to stay healthy. I can’t serve if I am not healthy enough to have the energy. Raising financial partners, working full time, and serving with WorldVenture tends to take a lot of energy. This requires a good diet and regular exercise.

Not that I don’t have enough to do, but now I am assessing for several ministries a plan on how they can use social media and work together to share the Gospel and grow the churches in the area through social media. Like I said in posts past, I have two short meetings to finalize the plan and a weekend training session.

Then, I let go. 

One person can’t share the Gospel online. 300 international workers can’t serve online by themselves. If the stats are correct that there is one international worker per one million people, it is our stubbornness that keeps our church bodies from using the social media they are already on strategically, authentically, and cross-culturally. People like us who know social media can train people to use it. It’s not how many social media apps you have on your phone; it is how effectively you use one app that makes the difference.