Morning Devotions: Consequences of Sin

I’m in Genesis 19 and Lot’s daughters got their father drunk and lay with him, becoming pregnant. Interestingly enough, the desire to get pregnant outside of the Lord’s will and through sin brought on generations of peoples who worshiped other gods. The Moabites offered human sacrifice to their god, Chemosh. (2 Kings 3:27). The Ammonites, “…joined the Syrians in their wars with the Maccabees and were defeated by Judas (1 Mac 5:6). Their religion was a degrading and cruel superstition. Their chief god was Molech, or Moloch, to whom they offered human sacrifices (1 Kings 11:7) against which Israel was especially warned (Leviticus 20:2-5). This worship was common to other tribes for we find it mentioned among the Phoenicians. (from here)” 

I’m thinking of our world and how the determination to gain something overrides the moral compass. Cutting corners, cheating others, corrupting compassion, taking and never giving, and how some jobs are no better than a sweat shop with a total disregard for humanity, instead craving profit. If our desires go outside of God’s desires, I think of instances like Genesis 19 and I wonder what the consequences will be for generations to come on people and families?
Lastly, Observe that, after this, we never read any more of Lot, nor what became of him: no doubt he repented of his sin, and was pardoned; but from the silence of the scripture concerning him henceforward we may learn that drunkenness, as it makes men forgetful, so it makes them forgotten; and many a name, which otherwise might have been remembered with respect, is buried by it in contempt and oblivion.
Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.