Wordless Groans

I took a run yesterday after work around the lake. Runs help me cope with this journey. I pray and my heart expresses what it cannot verbalize. It reminded me of Romans 8:26-27,

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” 

I spend a lot of time in prayer these days. God has gifted me with this sense of powerlessness and acceptance. This morning I am struggling to put into words what is on my heart. There is so much work to be done to help the church understand online discipleship, accept it, use it well, and reach across the age and cultural divide that I feel overwhelmed. What is obvious is how this journey is not one to be done independently of the church or missionary organization.

In reflecting on this, I came to WorldVenture, not to start my own thing, but to partner with them to work with already established ministries/churches/workers and empower them to use social media, VR, and any other new technology that appears on the technological radar to share Christ through the friendships they discover, often cross-culturally and to unreached people groups. Being authentic, real, is important as online marketing tends to put the goal ahead of the person. To make disciples online is to think outside the box and get out of your comfort zone, investing your dollars and time in people online and face-to-face, not simply hitting the like button as if that’s enough. Likes are like a “How are you” as the person is heading out the door. I think we have a lot of great jump-offs from traditional ministries and churches that are doing great things with online discipleship.

Imagine how powerful the stories will be when we engage the traditional church in non-traditional ministry, especially cross-culturally? Change doesn’t come overnight. It comes with the blood and sweat of extreme effort and time. It takes education, allaying unfounded fears, and empowering people with knowledge to serve. Before one jumps to conclusions about a technology, we need to get to know it, how it works, and the positive and negative of it in order to use it well. Meanwhile, I embrace this powerlessness because I anticipate what God will do through me, through others, and definitely what He is already doing through technology.

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How to Build Relationships

So, the biggest complaint among older people is how people post deeply disturbing details of their state of mind (pictures like below) on Facebook. Yet, the other day over a meal someone was talking specific details about the problem with their pancreas or colon. In both instances, these are examples of relationship building. Listening. Supporting. Loving. This can be a bridge of communication.

Live Prayer Update: Psalm 5

Live Prayer is ongoing as we speak. You can view the live version or the recorded version on my social networks. Today’s verse is Psalm 5:

Psalm 5

For the music leader. For the flutes. A psalm of David.

Hear my words, Lord!
    Consider my groans!
    Pay attention to the sound of my cries, my king and my God,
        because I am praying to you!
Lord, in the morning you hear my voice.
    In the morning I lay it all out before you.
    Then I wait expectantly.
Because you aren’t a God
    who enjoys wickedness;
    evil doesn’t live with you.
Arrogant people won’t last long
in your sight;
    you hate all evildoers;
    you destroy liars.
    The Lord despises people who are violent and dishonest.

But me? I will enter your house
    because of your abundant, faithful love;
    I will bow down at your holy temple,
        honoring you.
Lord, because of many enemies,
    please lead me in your righteousness.
    Make your way clear,
        right in front of me.
Because there’s no truth in my enemies’ mouths,
    all they have inside them is destruction.
    Their throats are open graves;
    their tongues slick with talk.
10 Condemn them, God!
    Let them fail by their own plans.
Throw them out for their many sins
    because they’ve rebelled against you.
11 But let all who take refuge in you celebrate.
    Let them sing out loud forever!
Protect them
    so that all who love your name
    can rejoice in you.
12 Because you, Lord, bless the righteous.
    You cover them with favor like a shield.


What is Live Prayer?

Every Thursday most of my social networks will use the live video feeds to conduct a “live prayer.” This is a two-way conversation. Unfortunately, until I raise 100% support, I have to work this around my day job. So prayers will usually be conducted between 4:45 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. MST unless I have that day off.

Sometimes, a Live Prayer might feature a guest. If we do have guests, more than likely prayers will happen later in the day. If I am conducting those prayers with a guest, it will happen at 11:30 a.m. MST.

I would love if you joined me and others during this time. Please share public requests only. Recent events have made me realize that prayer is so important. Being a Christian isn’t a guarantee that you will be safe. Dangers lurk in uncommon places. Prayer is the weapon of choice to hold up His people and protect them on their way Home.

Join me on my Facebook pages, Periscope, or on my personal profile. 

Church: The Tour #PrayALong

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July 29

The purpose of this tour is to: 1) Pray for the churches I visit to reach the different people groups in their area. 2) Connect people who have no church with the different churches in the Phoenix area through social media interaction and sharing of visuals. 3) Pray the church or its individuals choose to financially partner with me.

The ministry I work cannot be done by one person, but through partnership with WorldVenture. The internet is the new mission field. We’ve always known it, but we’ve been slacking on doing something about it. Help me help others realize the vision!

This is a private event, but I am excited to say about ten people will be praying for every church I visit on July 29. 

A Reason of Anticipation


“I go to this class called Beatbox in Nashville, and it is really hard. It’s an hour long and as soon as it starts, I anticipate its ending. From the first minute, I can’t wait for the class to be over so we can do the cool down song and get out of there. Working out is hard, especially for someone who has little to no upper body strength. But you know what happens between the beginning of Beatbox and the end of Beatbox? Beatbox. The actual exercising part happens. Without the middle part, there would be no work out at all. There would be no reason to anticipate the ending because no work would have been done. There would be no results, no reason to feel proud of myself, no healthier me.” READ MORE

Waiting is an unavoidable part of missions. Right from the beginning, God teaches you patience. He helps you accept that the results you long to see won’t happen immediately. Missions online is not any different in some aspects than missions on foreign soil.

You must first gain the trust of the people group you are trying to befriend and mentor before they will accept truth.

Social Media, like face-to-face relationships, takes time.