Thrive and a Hackathon

How do you participate in TWO great events the weekend of October 20-22, 2017? Thankfully, technology gives us access in small, portable devices like a smart phone and a tablet. Most of the time, Hackathons primarily draw heavily on the coders time rather than the creative marketer and social media person. I’ve only ever participated in helping with the research of a project at a Hackathon.

I plan on being available on Friday with Indigitous after 6 pm and after that time on Saturday. On Sunday, I have all day. Thrive is all day on Saturday with Chandler Bible. As you know, I have been working with them as they become more intentional in social media outreach since last August. They are continually in my prayers.

But I’ve also made some new friends there.

So, it is worth the drive to Chandler from up north to see them.

Click here to learn more about this public event. Let me know if you are planning on attending.

Studying: Steps @Indigitous

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“Indigitous STEPS is an eight-week, virtual program designed to provide pathways and community to the digital specialist who desires to use his/her unique digital skills (code, craft, design, draw, strategize) for the Great Commission.”

I love learning from others already in the field. Education is important in what I do. Learn techniques on a foundation of Bible truth and put them to work. So I am in week one in an eight-week program. I’ll be blogging about it as I learn.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a bit of humor from Francis Chan. I have to agree with him: We like to talk about discipleship, but do we actually do it? How can you make your social media more about engagement and discipleship?