Fearlessly Looking Forward #bgbg2


It feels like God is nudging me to a cliff. I am standing with my toes over the edge and fearlessly looking out into a grand view. When I look back, I discover I am wearing wings and God has given me the wind in which to fly. 2016 will soon become 2017, and my prayer verse in the CEB of Matthew 4:19 still hasn’t changed. I am still praying for “how.”

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. – John 14:27

With our support down to 14% after exceeding my expectations and appearing to be at 16%, I know I have a lot of work to do, but what I have to fear?

God has opened doors from the time I made a decision to go with WorldVenture to now, and if He has opened doors why should He close them without reaching my goals of 100% support?

I will step through doors that He opens. I will fly on the wind that He provides. 2017 is going to be as busy as 2016 has been with church visits, conferences, possibly school, and individual ministry opportunities.

Will you pray for me?



Wilderness Trekking Video Series Update

I know it’s been a while since I have edited a video. With raising financial partners, working 36-hour weeks, and, in addition to that, running my social media and websites, time has not been a friend.

I am hoping to get one done by January. When I am 100% funded, I will be able to do this full time, and therefore, have more time to connect with people who have amazing testimonies to share.

So keep praying!

Refugees: A Deadline Approaches

Did you know that tea is big in the Middle East? Deals are brokered around tea. Community is formed around tea. On Wednesday, I nearly emptied my china cabinet into three boxes and sent two sets of dishes and tea sets down to Phoenix for my friend’s ministry of helping refugees get acclimated in the United States through Desert Springs Community Church.

And they need YOUR help! Two families are coming in this month. Below is the link for what they still need. I will continue to include in my newsletters and social media future needs for missionary friends serving with refugees. With the United States being the third largest country in the world of unreached people groups, isn’t it time we started paying attention to what’s in our back yard? CNN stated that the United States will have 110,000 refugees by 2017.

I kept a couple tea things for future ministry opportunities. One never knows when helping refugees or ministering to international students may come my way. These days, I take my tea in mugs and drink mostly coffee. In America, our deals are brokered at Starbucks and conversations and community happen around coffee houses. This gives us some common ground, doesn’t it? 

God gives generously inspiring us to give. Most of us probably have things we don’t really use anymore that would bring a family joy who have come from nothing and have lost everything. This verse during my devotions felt appropriate: 

Pursue the goal of peace along with everyone—and holiness as well, because no one will see the Lord without it. – Hebrews 12:14 CEB

Please pray for this family and this missionary’s refugee ministry. You can read more about it here. Attached is a PDF of all the refugee agencies around the United States. Pray about how you can reach a people group in your area.

Facebook: Reconsider What You Post Online

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A year ago, a person posted about her struggles in church to a Facebook group of at least over 100 strangers. The online community gives us a false sense of security even in a group. We don’t know those 100 people so nothing is guaranteed confidential. That aside, we also don’t know the struggles of those 100 people.

  • Are they the ones Barna talks about all the time who are leaving church?
  • Do they go to church?
  • Is our speech encouraging them to a community of faith or to become a lone wolf Christian?
  • Is our speech encouraging forgiveness? 

When I mentioned my concerns, the person lashed out. I tried to be kind, affirming her concerns and hurt, but my words weren’t welcome. In another situation, a woman in a public group was upset because someone reposted her prayer request on another account. She had said it was confidential, but the group itself has thousands of people in it and the group was listed as public. Again, we lapse into a false sense of security.

An alternative would be to the first situation to talk to a small group of people via private message, email, or in person; someone he or she knows to rely on them for encouragement, sympathy, and support as they heal in their situations, or speak in vague terms to the public group.

On the second situation, post vague or “unspoken” requests. Confidentiality is to a select few in more private forums. Understanding social media privacy settings is also key.

For instance, a Facebook group set at public or private, will show up in your friend’s newsfeeds, and when people in that group comment or like, that also shows up in their newsfeeds for their friends to see. “Secret” is a Facebook group setting that doesn’t show up in your newsfeeds and also doesn’t show up in public searches.  That is the best setting. If you don’t want your private details to be on someone else’s Facebook, only add people to a group that you have gotten to know or know face-to-face to keep your requests confidential. 

Meanwhile, I am starting to post a new graphic series called, “Why I Go to Church,” on my social media feeds. When we air our differences about church, a great disservice is done to those who have labored in love for us. Church is a dysfunctional family, but we need each other. It’s not a building, but a body. Church can look like a small group, a house church, or a traditional building provided it bases its teachings on the Bible.

If you need to talk to someone, you can speak to me through private message on social media. I’ll be happy to listen and pray for you.


What Have You Seen on Facebook or Any Social Media Account?