It’s Only Facebook

facebookA curious thing happens when someone mentions Facebook to someone else who isn’t inclined that way. Their facial muscles tighten. The corners of their mouths turn down. An emotion passes over their eyes. An unidentifiable anger lurks.

I’m not sure why I encounter people dead set against Facebook though they have never used it. It’s like those people who have never read Harry Potter, but hate the book series. Facebook is a tool. Every tool has a dark side (anyone who has watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre could tell you that).

And it’s only Facebook. Any other social network is unscathed.

As I have learned with Harry Potter, before you can be dead set against something, you need to understand how it works and what other ministries are doing with it. Hating something because its popular or not something you are used to is not a good reason to be set against it.

Personally, I like it better than Google+ because I can organize ministry with groups segmented away from regular conversation. It’s the top social network in the world. Most of Africa is on it. The best advice I can give to people set against Facebook is: learn to use it first. Then, critique it.

Or choose another social network more to your liking.

I finally read some of and watched Harry Potter. I absolutely adore the series now. It wasn’t nearly as bad as people said. Maybe you’ll use Facebook and discover it’s not nearly as negative as you thought?