Re-Thinking Social Media

When you’re so sure you’re right that you’re willing to burn things down, it turns out that everyone is standing in a burning building sooner or later.Seth Godin (emphasis mine)


I am reminded every day that businesses, missionary organizations, churches, church plants, advocates for adoption and foster kids, and those against human trafficking need people like me who understand social media and make it work for them. In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, I am always checking my motivations and words. The Gospel is too important for it to be all about me or my ministry. That’s why I love Facebook groups that encourage this kind of collaboration, like Church Communications, AR/VR, etc. That’s why I began a group to encourage a change of narrative.

For the Christian, Social Media is about serving online.

Change the inner narrative, you change a person’s whole perspective:

“But the things which proceed out of the mouth come out of the heart…” Matthew 15:18a


How to Be Secure Online

I’m preparing a lesson plan and power point for a possible church presentation to Senior Adults. Senior Adults are concerned about security and privacy as confirmed by a recent survey I sent out via my newsletter.

Conversations with Senior Adults about social media also tell me that I need to make sure I simplify things for them. So the title to my presentation is so far, “Giving Value to the Next Generation.”

The church is great at marketing their ministries, but mobilizing the congregation can’t compare to what the Mormon church is doing. We only focus on marketing, not mobilization.

The generosity of this Christian church and their belief in this vision excite and humble me. I want to make sure that the presentation lives up to their expectations for the congregation they shepherd.

So please pray for me as I prepare this week to have something in their hands by no later than Sunday.