New Zoom Class in Chino Valley, Arizona

In 2020, during shut downs, Zoom saw 200 million daily meeting participants. Post-pandemic, our small community still struggles with how to use Zoom, except those who use it for their home offices or businesses. In other states, some were marginalized by technology and isolated because they never learned how to use the technology to use its face-to-face features, like video calling. We can continue to use Zoom as a tool for many ministry opportunities, including prayer and one-on-one discipleship or Bible Study meet ups.

I am teaming up with the Digital Prayer Leader of Grace Church‘s Digital Outreach Team on July 17 and July 28 to co-teach a Zoom class called, “What is Digital Prayer? And How to Use Zoom for Friends, Family, and Ministry.”

To register, click here for July 17 and here for July 28.

This is open to all Christians in the area. You do not have to attend Grace Church to take the class. We welcome pastors from other churches in the area as well.

Free Facebook Classes

This is for believers only with a caveat: You must take some brochures or prayer cards that day to give away to your friends and your church. The class is free and it is a part of a series of classes on Facebook covering many different subjects.



Free Facebook Classes: Overflow Coffee House

Have you ever thought of social media as a short term missions project?

More often than not, I get a lot of questions about Facebook. So, in response to the questions, I have given you an opportunity to be trained for a new mission field with unlimited possibilities for learning, reaching people for Christ, and being a better Facebook poster.

The catch to the “free” is this: You must take some of my prayer cards and give them to your friends. They will be available at the class.

I can’t continue to fill this need without financial support. The need is overwhelming and we are behind those who have long ago recognized the internet as more than just a marketing tool.