3 Takeaways From The Big Idea

Church Communications partnered with Brentwood Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee to create The Big Idea Conference. A conference for church communicators. Because church communications bleed into other job titles, like people who work with and for other ministry organizations, I felt it was worth it to attend as a WorldVenture worker.

The swag bag was excellent. Any technologist would smile at the contents:

  • A mug. Everyone knows coffee is part of what makes us creative and awake.
  • An idea book that became my new vision book to scribble in.
  • A key chain.
  • And a gadget I am sure will come in handy with my phone.

Networking with other communicators was helpful. The breakout sessions were great. I was texting our pastor and WorldVenture ideas that came from the breakout sessions and speakers. Facebook’s Nona Jones was useful especially when one considers Facebook’s recent publicity. From the speakers and breakout sessions, I came away with ideas and revelations:

  • Nona’s speech reminded me that God is corraling all the techies in the world. Without any word ahead of time, we are on the same page as far as digital discipleship.
  • Old sermons can be useful. Create short “sound bites” with words to create online discussions.
  • Senior Adults need to get involved in their church’s online activity. Our younger generation needs them. Some churches are not moving forward because of how new digital discipleship still is in the traditional church world. We need our solid Bible teachers online in this era of Bible illiteracy. We need “grandparents”.

The new vision will be announced during the Women’s Luncheon on May 5 at Grace Baptist Church in Chino Valley, Arizona.