Don’t be a Judge and Jury #Marketing #SocialMedia


Social media is the judge and jury of the world. It doesn’t take much to discredit someone. It is all about algorithms and who can spin the story the most to get more readers and advertising dollars. A hashtag can be hijacked, a mere suspicion becomes judgment, and the key is to choose carefully what we share as that perpetuates a story, an agenda, a controversy, or a movement. As I thought about this I began examining my own sites.

What kind of story do you want to share? How can we use social media to change the direction of our world, unite our Christians, and encourage honest and helpful dialogue without condemning the other for being courageous enough to speak?

A Caution to Conspiracy Theorists


Once again, I “unliked” a questionable, conservative publication. I find that conspiracy theories aren’t linked to just one political party. They are like the weeds in our front yard, popping up everywhere in so many different forms. They can also be used to divide and conquer a land, with one half of one political party strongly favoring one side and the other half, like me, saying, what’s the other side of the story? Where’s the proof?

It’s often best to ask yourself:

  • What message do I want to be known for?
  • What message will I die for?

These days I am staying clear of conspiracy theories, rationing politics to controllable amounts so I know what’s going on, and focusing instead on discipleship, learning, and spreading the Gospel as fast as possible.