New! Photos

My photos are available to use under these conditions:

If you are a publication, my photos are available to use for a donation of any amount to

  • Go to my Instagram account and find a photo you like. Or private message me on Instagram to ask about a specific photo.
  • Make a donation of any amount to
  • Forward me a donation receipt with your questions or description or screenshot of a specific photo you like.
  • The original photo file will be emailed to you.
  • Send me a hard copy of the publication that uses the photo or a link to the digital publication.

If you are a church, photos can be used as bulletin covers.

If it is used as a bulletin cover or with other church publications, and byline is given on the inside cover with a link to encouraging partnerships to the mission, the photo does not require a donation. It will require a hard copy mailed to me and permission first.

Day Four: Enjoy the Moment #Feel #See


Pray for me to remember to enjoy the moment. A friend told my husband, “Remember to take in the scenery.” Use your five senses. Time goes so fast that I often forget to be in the present. I’m always thinking two days ahead.

Prayer Day Two: The Waiting #Patience

Wait on the Lord- be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart- wait, I say, on the Lord.


Pray today that I wait on the Lord on His timing, not my own. Don’t allow me to fall prey to the fears of the otherside or the doubts and insecurities that fill my mind once in a while. It is so easy to rush ahead. Pray I obey Him on everything.

Prayer: Day One #Discipleship

Discipleship Happens


Today pray that those who choose to use social media, including myself, as a tool to reach people for Christ will have the power of the Holy Spirit behind them. Pray they can bring people from online to face-to-face discipleship.

Devotions: When I Was Single… @Biblegateway

“The book of Leviticus begins with one of the Bibles basic assumptions: we must worship and serve God with the resources and possessions he entrusts to us.” – Page 123, NIV Stewardship Study Bible

Day 3: Living Generously Study

Read Leviticus 1-4


When I was single, I had no money. My tithing was service. In reality, if I had been a good steward of my finances, not spending foolishly, I would have discovered what I know now–there is contentment in living on faith. 

So while I was partially correct that an offering to the Lord can be service, I missed the point on those stewardship sermons. I missed the blessings of giving beyond what I thought I was capable. God gives us what we need and asks us to give from His generosity.