New Vlog Series: Coffee With Nikki #socialmedia #missions

Beginning Saturday, January 14, a new Vlog (a video or spoken blog rather than written) will begin.

Don’t worry though…I am replacing a written blog with a vlog so I am not stretching myself thin while I raise support. There are a couple of different purposes for doing this. Plus, I’ll explain who inspired this new series.

First, you can do missions and evangelism online from your living room without getting dressed and in your favorite fuzzy slippers. This is what my friend said as I worked with her on a video. Inspired by this, I thought, “What a great way marry humor and serious subjects together in one five minute vlog!”

The Vlog will do two things (I hope):

  • Inspire the church to think outside the box when thinking about missions and evangelism.
  • Inspire the person seeking to know Jesus to converse with me.

One of the most important pieces of advice I read some years ago was, “Choose a broad subject when deciding on what kind of blog you want to write so you never run out of subjects.”

The blog will cover:

  • Social Media and technology stories.
  • Devotionals.

Not everyone is into the video thing, but most of the world is as evidenced by YouTube’s ever growing audience as the top video social network in the world. That is why my blog here will have half written blogs and half video blogs. It’ll be a goofy news segment or a casual devotional. I am buying some of the props this week and borrowed a prop in which I hope to have time to put the intro video together by Wednesday morning.

Will you pray for this new series? Like anything…being a Social Media Missionary means that I am constantly adapting to changing trends and ideas in order to reach the lost and the unloved and unchurched.

Right now I’m still using a cheap camcorder or my tablet or my phone for these segments. I am hoping this year to buy a DSLR camera to do better audio and video. I’m also not happy with my video program. It’s okay, but I still like Coral Video better. This is a program I have been using as a church secretary at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship. I also like Adobe Video, but that’s too expensive for now. As ministry grows and as support grows so will my equipment so I can steadily improve online ministry.

But the most important aspect of online ministry is ENGAGEMENT. All these fancy things are simply vehicles for engagement.