What is a Flexible Sabbath?

One of my challenges in this transitional part of my life is to practice a “flexible Sabbath.” Most people work five days a week. They have two days off with their spouse or family. I work 36-hours a week, Monday through Thursday. This leaves Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to raise financial partners and work the ministry under my stewardship. My husband and I share only one day off together because of his schedule. With all this going on, two people challenged me to take my Sabbath seriously.

Afterall, God took one day off.

In a sermon by Pastor Dave Droste, I realized I was giving 80% instead of a 100% due to so much happening in my life. I am far from burned out and far from exhausted. Energy and creativity course through me like lava from a tube; impatient, eager, and wanting to live, bursting from the dead earth in color and heat. I can’t live at that speed and so I decided to practice this spiritual discipline for longevity.

By practicing a flexible Sabbath, I take, for instance a Sunday off around appointments that are unavoidable. This weekend, I plan on taking part of Sunday off and a few hours on Saturday morning off from missionary work and financial partnership work. I know this is healthy. Slowing down a little will challenge me to be more creative in how I get everything done. Instead of taking some evenings during the week off, I use that time to get some blogging finished.