Committing to One Thing

If you are having trouble connecting with your church family, are you trying to connect with them?

What I am finding is how often people say they can’t seem to connect with others, but are uncommitted to opportunities that come up.

Maybe is easier than yes or no.

Risk is better avoided. Uncertainty can be dealt with, but knowing someone doesn’t want to hang out with you is hurtful.

Or we’re just over-committed. 

A friend was relieved when I stopped creating more websites. He doesn’t understand how I work, but the websites each have their own brand and purpose which satisfies my creative nature. I can work contentedly within these sites. That’s the key. Knowing when to stop and be able to work within the dimensions you have created to make meaningful connections and serve your community.

Being slightly under over-committed might make room for those connections that you desire. Do you know what you could do with that free time? 

  • Risk saying yes or no, and be known as someone people can depend on to show up for things.
  • Build a thick skin for rejections that will come.
  • Don’t take a no personally.
  • Be available.

That last is one of my rules.

Be available means being slightly under over-committed so I can serve others through listening and loving by spending time with others either online or in person. My to-do list is not more important than the people I come to know in person or online. And that means, I show up to serve every day, and I encourage you to do the same. More than this, I encourage you to risk that emotional connection with others.