At Glacial Speed

Seth Godin inspires me. In his post on July 6, Glaciers Get a Bad Rap, he reminded me that the best plans are focused and driven, going at glacial speed.

“But the speed isn’t the point. The fjord near my house, surrounded by huge cliffs, was formed by a glacier. Not because it was slow, but because it was large, clearly directed and relentless.” 

Social media is a new field. It requires a relentless and clearly directed focus and a lot of patience. Since I started raising support in March 2016, I’ve only managed to get to 37% support (give or take–waiting for a support to come through). I’ve developed great relationships with people and others have expressed to me how they see social media differently now.

If you want to learn more, email me. I would love to talk about it in the face-to-face. Projects are being developed as we speak, but like the glacier, slow and steady will get results. Meanwhile, I work a full-time job while I raise support, and God is doing so much with the little time I have between that and family.


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