Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator

Serves and assists WorldVenture’s global disciple-making efforts and uses digital channels to advance the mission and vision of WorldVenture, increasing awareness and engagement across numerous web and social media properties and channels. I work to remain current and knowledgeable in best digital practices, training WorldVenture workers and partners in digital disciple-making tools.

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What’s An Echo Chamber?

An “echo chamber” is when you surround yourself online with people who agree with you. Some years ago, a social media platform was barely doing well until the election year. Then, it blew up!  Many people joined, but it wasn’t long before they returned to Facebook.  The reason? No sense of community. It was an […]

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Dressing The Inner Woman

Women put a lot of effort into their outer appearance. When I try on a new outfit in the dressing room, the mirror tricks me into believing I really do look great in it, but the mirror at home will tell a different story. The right outfit gives us confidence, but it will never dispel […]

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We watched “Photographer” on Disney+/NatGeo. This series has riveted me (for the most part).  Muhammed Muheisen was one of the premiered photographers. He was an AP photographer during the Iraq war and other violent situations. He wanted to photograph the good in life, but AP needed him to serve up a series of newsworthy images. […]

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Self-Control On Social Media

“A soft answer [online] turns away wrath, but a harsh word [in reply to someone online] stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15:1, emphasis mine. Read James 3:3-6, too. Tossing those words out there online that you feel in the moment without thought has consequences. In any situation, self-control is the one thing we have a […]

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Tell Better Stories

I like playing sports, but I don’t like watching games. Hence, each baseball game saw me reading a book in the stadium, and usually something so thick and outrageous that I would peek up at the jumbotron to see if the announcers noticed (because the Diamondbacks used to pan the camera to the audience to […]

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God-Sized Dreams

“Mordecai’s trust was in the faithfulness of God, not in the faithfulness of Esther. He knows that God will not let His people down, even if individuals let God down.” – Study Guide on Esther 4 What if Esther hadn’t listened to Mordicai to step into her calling to save the Jewish people? Mordecai trusted God […]

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When You’re Enduring A Drought

Do we see the stones or notice the drought first? To be honest, I see the lack of water before I notice the stones. This is rarely helpful to me. To face challenges, I need to see the stones first then work to find solutions to the drought. When I talk about stones, I am referring […]

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Words Matter

Words matter online. If we genuinely care about the lost and our community, we will make every effort, as Romans 12:18 says, to “…live at peace with everyone,” as far as it depends on us. We can’t control what others put out, but we can control how we respond to people and what we post. The illusion we face is […]

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How To Effectively Communicate

Content Marketing Institute published 15 Digital Content Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Brand. I work with missionaries and churches in online communication. I picked a few items from Content Marketing’s list to connect ministry and secular marketing. While we do marketing, we must always consider it ministry to establish a genuine relationship with people. First, you are […]

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Why It’s Not Their Fault

We make about 35K decisions a day. What words to post, actions to take, and whether to love or hate your job (among other things). The decisions are your responsibility. Ultimately, those decisions have rewards or consequences. You can’t blame other people for the wrong decisions. Others may have influenced those decisions, but that is […]

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Do not do what others can do or will do if there are things to be done others cannot do or will not do.

Ralph Winters

Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator


Using Social Media As A Ministry Tool

1for50 hosted me as a guest on their webinar.

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“He’s (the pastor) really excited and said this (Digital Discipleship) has freed him from so much that he is able to focus on the larger vision. He has his sermons mostly ready by Wednesday and can do more that he’s wanted to be free to do.”

From a Congregation Member

“I see social media as a tool for missionaries to increase contact with partners. I feel more confident using it.”

Missions Door Person

“I met Nikki over a year ago through the Zoom application used for Bible Study with Gaye. Since then, I have also ‘friended’ her on Facebook and have been able to positively respond to many of her thought-provoking questions requiring me to apply God’s Word. These challenges have often provided the catalyst I needed to minister to others. Nikki also has shared her human side – her cat, room renovation and her love for coffee. Through all of this, it is because of social media that we “know” each other. The discipleship she provides is encouraging, thought-provoking, action-activated, and consistent. Can’t wait to meet her in person!”

S from Florida


Photography is part of being a media person. It’s also an art. Limited art available for purchase on my etsy shop with all revenue going towards WorldVenture projects or missionaries. I use my photography for personal use, ministry use, and for charitable causes. Meanwhile, if you wish to use my photos, please contact me first. If you are a publication, my photos are available for a donation of any amount to Etsy Shop:

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